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Ending 233.68 Winning Lineup 0

DraftKings Week 12 Recap

This week was a bit special. The feature contest was the NFL 75th Millionaire Special on DraftKings. $75 entry and $1MM to first place. CONDIA hasn’t played since November 5th and the pro’s of...

Cubsfan333 Winning Lineup 0

DraftKings Week 8 Recap

The two biggest themes this week were rain and inter-game stacks, cough cough HOU@SEA. Let’s begin starting from last weeks winner, Cubsfan333. Cubsfan333 Wins   October ended on a high note for this Cubs...

Rkennedy23's Winning Lineup 0

DraftKings Week 4 Recap

First off, sorry for missing last week. I was dealing with some life problems but am back on track. Draft Kings already took down Week 3’s Millionaire Maker link, contest 44843225, so if you have...