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crk3250's Winning Lineup 244.30 Points 0

DraftKings Week 14 Recap

Quick Summary crk3250 wins with 244.30 points He entered 9 lineups and won on a big outlier He likely manually entered his lineups Huge win in OT He hit on 4 of the players...

bassinmatt's winning lineup 228.62 points 0

DraftKings Week 7 Recap

Quick Summary Bassinmatt wins with 228.62 points. He only enters $20/week in the Milly Maker Bales continues riskier playstyle Went heavy on Lions offense and didn’t see Michael Roberts coming Last week’s winner does...

Davematt123's Winning Lineup 245.90 0

DraftKings Week 6 Recap

Quick Summary Davematt123’s wins with 245.90 points. He took a chance on a Brock Osweiler Albert Wilson stack 156.98 to cash Bales used a very anti-fragile strategy Best possible lineup: 288.8 points Todd Gurley was...