DraftKings Week 8 Recap

Quick Summary

  • LolololoLola wins with 242.80 points.
    • He only entered 2 lineups
    • Used Josh Reynolds
  • Last year’s week 1 winner, Bearsfan247, does well again
  • “rcrumpto” used the same lineup 3 times and took 3rd.
  • 154.66 to cash
  • Best possible lineup: 272.92 points

LolololoLola’s Winning Lineup: 242.80 Points

LolololoLola's Winning Lineup 242.80 Points

The biggest shock for me here is Josh Reynolds. He was a chalky play if you like paying attention to CB matchups but by no means was he a solid bet. We can’t say too much else about LolololoLola’s Week 8 lineups because he just entered one other one. But we can look at his season long play.

Out of all of 2018, LolololoLola has entered 15 Milly Maker lineups.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
week_num 1 1 1 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 6 6 6 8 8
0 QB Drew Brees QB Drew Brees QB Andy Dalton QB Matt Ryan QB Baker Mayfield QB Ryan Tannehill QB Blake Bortles QB Drew Brees QB Carson Wentz QB Ben Roethlisberger QB Jameis Winston QB Matt Ryan QB Blake Bortles QB Jared Goff QB Jameis Winston
1 RB Alvin Kamara RB Alvin Kamara RB David Johnson RB Jordan Howard RB Carlos Hyde RB Melvin Gordon III RB Melvin Gordon III RB Melvin Gordon III RB Christian McCaffrey RB Melvin Gordon III RB Christian McCaffrey FLEX Christian McCaffrey RB James Conner RB Todd Gurley II RB Todd Gurley II
2 RB James Conner RB James Conner RB Alvin Kamara RB Giovani Bernard RB James White RB Saquon Barkley RB Ezekiel Elliott RB Isaiah Crowell RB Aaron Jones RB Javorius Allen RB Latavius Murray RB Tarik Cohen RB T.J. Yeldon RB James Conner RB Kareem Hunt
3 WR Michael Thomas WR DeAndre Hopkins FLEX James Conner WR Julio Jones WR Odell Beckham Jr. WR Will Fuller V FLEX Michael Thomas WR Michael Thomas WR JuJu Smith-Schuster WR Golden Tate WR Mike Evans RB Peyton Barber WR A.J. Green WR Mike Evans WR Mike Evans
4 FLEX Keenan Allen WR Michael Thomas WR A.J. Green WR Kenny Stills WR Jarvis Landry WR Kenny Stills WR Keelan Cole WR Mike Evans WR Alshon Jeffery WR Cooper Kupp WR Tyler Boyd WR Mike Evans WR Julio Jones WR Sammy Watkins WR Tyler Lockett
5 WR Ted Ginn Jr. WR Keelan Cole WR Kenny Stills WR Calvin Ridley FLEX DeSean Jackson WR Calvin Ridley WR Jordy Nelson FLEX Calvin Ridley WR Marvin Jones Jr. FLEX Calvin Ridley WR DeSean Jackson WR Calvin Ridley FLEX Dede Westbrook FLEX Larry Fitzgerald WR Chris Godwin
6 WR Keelan Cole FLEX Jack Doyle WR Keelan Cole FLEX Tyler Boyd WR Tyler Boyd FLEX Tyler Boyd WR Ted Ginn Jr. WR Tyler Boyd TE Zach Ertz WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling FLEX Curtis Samuel WR John Brown WR Antonio Callaway WR Josh Reynolds FLEX Vance McDonald
7 TE Jack Doyle TE Nick Vannett TE Nick Vannett TE Austin Hooper TE Will Dissly TE Trey Burton TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE Austin Hooper FLEX Austin Hooper TE Vance McDonald TE Austin Hooper TE Austin Hooper TE Niles Paul TE O.J. Howard TE C.J. Uzomah
8 DST Panthers DST Jaguars DST Jaguars DST Jaguars DST Jaguars DST Dolphins DST Dolphins DST Dolphins DST Panthers DST Rams DST Bears DST Bears DST Ravens DST Steelers DST Steelers
Points 241.36 211.46 192.82 154.06 143.3 141.9 133.72 112.78 139.04 117.8 149.8 138.16 134.26 242.8 136.44

Few thoughts:

  • Always stacks a QB-WR
    • And seemed to prefer to stack QB with a WR1 if not both the WR1 and WR2 except in week 8.
      • Perhaps he recognized he wants a larger “pop” in his lineups and luckily for him Josh Reynolds was a pretty good one to play in his first week trying this strategy.
  • He stays away from pricey TE’s
  • Has only used one defense in all lineups once, week 8.
  • He always rosters at least WR1.
  • All of his lineups have some overlap
  • He liked Giovani Bernard in Week 4 but has been hesitant to play Joe Mixon
    • Pro/High Volume players have been hot on Joe Mixon for a while.

Overall nice work. LolololoLola looks like he has solid GPP knowledge as well as football IQ.

Why LolololoLola for His Name?

Like we did with week 4’s winner Nickelback4Lyfe we must show respect for the winner’s choice of music.

After 30 seconds of tough research, it would appear that his name comes from The Kink’s song, “Lola”.

DFS Player Spotlight

In this section I look at some of the higher profile players in the DFS community as well as a few select players.

Spotlighted Player Leaderboard

Player Number of Lineups Paid Won win/entry
rcrumpto 3 60 149940.0 2499.000000
Bearsfan247 20 400 5000.0 12.500000
csuram88 11 220 250.0 1.136364
Nickelback4Lyfe 150 3000 -580.0 -0.193333
mallen21 150 3000 -710.0 -0.236667
chess_is_ok 150 3000 -1360.0 -0.453333
bales 16 320 -150.0 -0.468750
Al_Smizzle 150 3000 -1610.0 -0.536667
Awesemo 150 3000 -1640.0 -0.546667
davematt123 27 540 -310.0 -0.574074
petrgibbons 150 3000 -1810.0 -0.603333
scout326 150 3000 -1990.0 -0.663333
Slaytations 118 2360 -1600.0 -0.677966
ending 150 3000 -2300.0 -0.766667
chipotleaddict 150 3000 -2790.0 -0.930000
tommyg1979 3 60 -60.0 -1.000000
bassinmatt 1 20 -20.0 -1.000000
saahilsud 0 0 0.0 NaN
  • Bearsfan247 won week 1 last year and looks to be still playing well.
  • Tommyg1979 has another terrible Milly Maker showing
    • 3 straight weeks without cashing.
  • Bassinmatt doesn’t let last week’s win go to his head and he just enters 1 lineup again

Bearsfan247’s Lineup Strategy

Last year I thought Bearsfan247 was lucky to take home Week 1’s Milly Maker. This season he came in confident but was still waiting for a big win. He came close in week 8 taking down $5,000 on $400 spend.

paid won
1 3000.0 -1565.0
2 2200.0 -840.0
3 3000.0 -2010.0
4 500.0 305.0
5 800.0 -370.0
6 600.0 -420.0
7 940.0 -640.0
8 400.0 5000.0
Totals 11440.0 -540.0

He max entered in weeks 1-3 but shifted down his spend in week 4, the lower $10 entry may have been the catalyst. Here’s a look at his player pool

QB QB Percentage RB RB Percentage WR WR Percentage TE TE Percentage DST DST Percentage
QB Mitchell Trubisky 29 RB James Conner 54 WR Antonio Brown 29 TE C.J. Uzomah 34 DST Redskins 39
QB Ben Roethlisberger 14 RB Joe Mixon 29 WR Anthony Miller 24 TE David Njoku 24 DST Steelers 20
QB Andy Dalton 10 RB Chris Carson 29 WR A.J. Green 24 TE O.J. Howard 20 DST Chiefs 20
QB Jared Goff 10 RB Todd Gurley II 24 WR Robert Woods 24 TE Trey Burton 10 DST Broncos 10
QB Jameis Winston 10 RB Kareem Hunt 24 WR Christian Kirk 20 TE Travis Kelce 5 DST Colts 5
QB Aaron Rodgers 10 RB Adrian Peterson 20 WR Jordy Nelson 20 TE Cameron Brate 5 DST Rams 5
QB Josh Rosen 5 RB Tarik Cohen 20 WR Brandin Cooks 20 TE Jimmy Graham 5
QB Case Keenum 5 RB Raheem Mostert 20 WR Tyler Boyd 14
QB Patrick Mahomes 5 RB David Johnson 14 WR Larry Fitzgerald 14
RB Saquon Barkley 10 WR Kevin White 14
RB Phillip Lindsay 10 WR Emmanuel Sanders 14
RB Jordan Howard 5 WR T.Y. Hilton 14
RB Peyton Barber 5 WR JuJu Smith-Schuster 10
WR Taylor Gabriel 10
WR Tyler Lockett 10
WR Tyreek Hill 10
WR Davante Adams 10
WR Sammy Watkins 5
WR Josh Reynolds 5
WR Demaryius Thomas 5
WR Antonio Callaway 5
WR Mike Evans 5
WR Martavis Bryant 5
WR Robby Anderson 5

True to his name, he selected Mitchell Trubisky in 6 of his 20 lineups and sleeper play Anthony Miller in 5. The thought here was Anthony Miller would pick up the slack from Allen Robinson being out, or Taylor Gabriel or Kevin White — sadly Josh Bellamy did.

His best lineup took 14th place and is shown below

Bearsfan247's Best Week 8 Lineup

He rode a QB-RB-WR stack that he only played in 1 out of 20 lineups. This really shows how a bursty lineup can change the day for a GPP. This lineup alone won $5,000.

As for his player pool, he used 59 players. It’s hard to tell if he prunes his player pool to select players or this happened because of an optimizer on only 20 lineups.

Also, he doesn’t look like he uses too many constraints with his optimizer. Things like also stack a QB-WR from the same team or to stay away from QB-RB stacks are noticeably missing.

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Overall nice week by Bearsfan247. I’m adding him to the list of players I need to do a profile article that looks deeper into their strategy across weeks.


I haven’t shown CSURAM88 yet this year. His name is Peter Jennings and he is a co-founder of Fantasy Labs along with Jonathan Bales and a few others.

Historically CSURAM88 and Bales don’t seem to have correlating point totals and are very much different players. Here’s CSURAM88’s player pool

QB QB Percentage RB RB Percentage WR WR Percentage TE TE Percentage DST DST Percentage
QB Aaron Rodgers 27 RB James Conner 72 WR Robert Woods 45 TE O.J. Howard 45 DST Steelers 45
QB Josh Rosen 18 RB Kerryon Johnson 54 WR Martavis Bryant 36 TE Travis Kelce 18 DST Chiefs 27
QB Andrew Luck 18 RB Kareem Hunt 45 WR Brandin Cooks 36 TE Jimmy Graham 18 DST Rams 9
QB Jared Goff 18 RB Marlon Mack 36 WR T.Y. Hilton 27 TE George Kittle 9 DST Bengals 9
QB Patrick Mahomes 9 RB Saquon Barkley 18 WR Courtland Sutton 18 TE Eric Ebron 9 DST Cardinals 9
QB Jameis Winston 9 RB Todd Gurley II 18 WR Kenny Golladay 18
RB Jalen Richard 18 WR Larry Fitzgerald 18
RB Phillip Lindsay 9 WR Geronimo Allison 18
RB Jordan Howard 9 WR Sammy Watkins 9
RB David Johnson 9 WR Anthony Miller 9
WR Christian Kirk 9
WR A.J. Green 9
WR Tyler Boyd 9
WR Chris Godwin 9
WR John Brown 9
WR Marquise Goodwin 9
WR Odell Beckham Jr. 9
WR Davante Adams 9

He entered just 11 lineups and seemed to be hoping for breakout games from a few players

  • Martavis Bryant
  • Josh Rosen
  • Kerryon Johnson
    • Playing against the Seahawks and coming off his best game yet this is more of a breakout into being considered a top tier runningback
  • Jordan Howard
  • Courtland Sutton
  • Sammy Watkins
  • Anthony Miller

I use breakout loosely. To me a breakout is a player breaking out of his perceived point range  even if historically they have been good like a Jordan Howard.

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Watkins was his biggest hit and a combo of him and a few others (Miller and Sutton) helped him create a lineup that took the 220th spot.

CSURAM's Best Week 8 Lineup

Whereas Bales has focused more on players matching big point totals they’ve gotten in the past (with deliberate disregard for what the data “says” currently), CSURAM88 took a chance on some breakouts. Too bad he didn’t play Josh Reynolds.

Also, I have a hunch he may use some correlation metrics in his optimizer besides the “hard-coded” ones many people do (aka stacking). The DST usage vs player utilization looks interesting.

I’ll keep an eye out for CSURAM88 in my weekly leaderboard. Most of the time I haven’t seen him win but I’ll keep an eye out.

Misc: rcrumpto Enters the Same Lineup Multiple Times

This dude took home $10k in the NFL First Down and 3rd through 5th place in the Milly Maker with 1 lineup! I tried to see if he did this in past weeks but I can only find one other time he entered a lineup in the Milly Maker and he just used one entry.

Frankly I’m surprised no pro opts for a similar strategy when they don’t max enter. Maybe since winnings don’t get doubled if you win big (pool is shared if two people tie) but they do double your money in the lower paying slots. Still I’d think you’d see someone consider it.

The fact that no one does shows how much of a premium pro’s place on the top few slots. And that they don’t feel that duplicating is a good strategy (surely they are confident some weeks so that probably isn’t it.)

Best Lineup Possible: 272.92 Points

player_name position score salary team_name
Patrick Mahomes II QB 30.02 7000.0 KC
Adrian Peterson RB 30.60 4900.0 WAS
James Conner RB 41.20 7500.0 PIT
Marvin Jones WR 33.70 4800.0 DET
Sammy Watkins WR 33.70 4600.0 KC
Larry Fitzgerald WR 29.20 4400.0 ARI
Jack Doyle TE 19.00 4400.0 IND
Todd Gurley FLEX 36.50 9800.0 LAR
Cincinnati Bengals DST 19.00 2500.0 CIN
272.92 49900.0

My thoughts:

  • Josh Reynolds doesn’t make the cut
  • The best lineup featured no first-time breakout players
    • All of these players have performed at a similar level in the past

The best players at their respective salaries and positions are show below

team_name player_name position opp_name salary predictedScore
PIT James Conner RB CLE 7500.0 41.20
LAR Todd Gurley RB GB 9800.0 36.50
DET Marvin Jones WR SEA 4800.0 33.70
KC Sammy Watkins WR DEN 4600.0 33.70
TB Mike Evans WR CIN 7800.0 32.90
IND Marlon Mack RB OAK 5400.0 31.90
CIN Joe Mixon RB TB 7300.0 31.80
CIN Tyler Boyd WR TB 6700.0 31.60
WAS Adrian Peterson RB NYG 4900.0 30.60
KC Patrick Mahomes II QB DEN 7000.0 30.02
ARI Larry Fitzgerald WR SF 4400.0 29.20
CAR Cam Newton QB BAL 5800.0 27.96
OAK Derek Carr QB IND 5200.0 27.76
PIT Antonio Brown WR CLE 8500.0 25.40
NYG Odell Beckham Jr. WR WAS 7700.0 24.60
SEA Chris Carson RB DET 4300.0 23.40
CAR Christian McCaffrey RB BAL 7000.0 21.60
ARI Josh Rosen QB SF 4800.0 20.28
DEN Phillip Lindsay RB KC 5200.0 20.20
NYG Saquon Barkley RB WAS 9300.0 20.10
KC Travis Kelce TE DEN 6800.0 19.90
SEA David Moore WR DET 3600.0 19.70
TB Ryan Fitzpatrick QB CIN 4400.0 19.56
LAR Josh Reynolds WR GB 3600.0 19.00
CIN Cincinnati Bengals DST TB 2500.0 19.00
IND Jack Doyle TE OAK 4400.0 19.00
CAR D.J. Moore WR BAL 3600.0 17.90
OAK Jared Cook TE IND 5000.0 17.40
TB O.J. Howard TE CIN 3900.0 16.80
GB Aaron Jones RB LAR 4100.0 16.60
CAR Greg Olsen TE BAL 4200.0 15.60
CLE Antonio Callaway WR PIT 3800.0 14.60
TB Adam Humphries WR CIN 3400.0 14.60
TB Peyton Barber RB CIN 3600.0 14.50
OAK Jalen Richard RB IND 4200.0 14.40
DEN Devontae Booker RB KC 3700.0 14.10
SF Kendrick Bourne WR ARI 3500.0 14.10
NYG Evan Engram TE WAS 4400.0 13.50
CHI Anthony Miller WR NYJ 3400.0 13.40
SEA Ed Dickson TE DET 2500.0 13.40
OAK Brandon LaFell WR IND 3000.0 12.90
OAK Seth Roberts WR IND 3400.0 12.20
IND Dontrelle Inman WR OAK 3000.0 11.20
BAL Hayden Hurst TE CAR 2500.0 10.90
CLE Seth DeValve TE PIT 2500.0 10.80
BAL Javorius Allen RB CAR 4000.0 10.80
DEN Tim Patrick WR KC 3000.0 10.70
NYJ Deontay Burnett WR CHI 3000.0 10.10
SEA Seattle Seahawks DST DET 2300.0 10.00
TB Jacquizz Rodgers RB CIN 3000.0 6.90
NYJ Trenton Cannon RB CHI 3400.0 5.20
GB Green Bay Packers DST LAR 2000.0 5.00
DET LeGarrette Blount RB SEA 3500.0 3.60
CLE Dontrell Hilliard RB PIT 3000.0 3.40
CAR Taylor Heinicke QB BAL 4000.0 0.32

This comes from a pruning algorithm I use in creating these recaps. The pruned pool above is guaranteed to include the best possible lineup except in the case of a 0 point player being useful. It takes into account FLEX.

I don’t really have a comment. Just interesting to share (in the past I’ve shown this ranked by utilization percentages but I’ve switched to a new optimizer that doesn’t have the same features as my old one).

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Rotogrinder’s Top 50 versus Everyone Else

The Top 50 can be found here. I used to call this section Pro v Herd but the RG rankings are very, very skewed towards high volume players.

I’m working on my own rankings.

RG Top 50 Week 8 Leaderboard

payout lineups_entered payout/num_entries
jayk123x 3140.0 150 20.933333
csuram88 250.0 11 22.727273
joemarino27 70.0 3 23.333333
bdholla89 70.0 20 3.500000
araven52 50.0 23 2.173913
petteytheft89 -2150.0 150 -14.333333
jbcjbcjbc -2180.0 150 -14.533333
wakeywakey -2530.0 150 -16.866667
skipbidder -2560.0 150 -17.066667
chipotleaddict -2790.0 150 -18.600000

chipotleaddict hasn’t looked great so far in the Milly Maker, even though Rotogrinder’s has him ranked 3rd. I didn’t analyze “jayk123x” but I will if he keeps it up.

Everyone Else Leaderboard

payout lineups_entered payout/num_entries
lololololola 999960.0 2 499980.000000
rcrumpto 149940.0 3 49980.000000
kmashbur 100040.0 2 50020.000000
nomjlikeme 27440.0 3 9146.666667
bigdawgtre 9990.0 2 4995.000000
i_am_starving -2530.0 150 -16.866667
bleedblue10obj -2620.0 150 -17.466667
pallenium -2630.0 150 -17.533333
dirty6613 -2660.0 150 -17.733333
giantsquid -2770.0 150 -18.466667

Top 50 vs Herd Point Totals

index Points_herd Points_rg_top_50
count 187222.000000 3836.000000
mean 138.809431 138.581017
std 21.366300 19.588118
min 59.680000 75.800000
25% 123.880000 124.775000
50% 138.100000 137.320000
75% 152.940000 151.500000
max 242.800000 224.880000

Not much of an edge this week for the top 50. Overall it looks like the herd did just slightly better.

Top 50 vs Herd Player Utilization

lineup_hash Percentage Top 50 Percentage Herd pro_favoritism
Kareem Hunt 20 38 -18.0
O.J. Howard 10 19 -9.0
Taylor Gabriel <5% 12 -9.0
Tyler Boyd 6 14 -8.0
James Conner 25 32 -7.0
Davante Adams 8 15 -7.0
JuJu Smith-Schuster <5% 9 -6.0
T.Y. Hilton 18 23 -5.0
Marlon Mack <5% 8 -5.0
Vance McDonald <5% 8 -5.0
Bears <5% 8 -5.0
Jordy Nelson 11 15 -4.0
Chris Godwin 5 9 -4.0
Tarik Cohen 9 13 -4.0
DeSean Jackson <5% 7 -4.0
Trey Burton <5% 7 -4.0
Mitchell Trubisky <5% 7 -4.0
Adrian Peterson <5% 6 -3.0
Aaron Rodgers 8 11 -3.0
Redskins <5% 6 -3.0
Cardinals <5% 6 -3.0
Andrew Luck 9 11 -2.0
Doug Baldwin 5 7 -2.0
Raheem Mostert <5% 5 -2.0
Tyreek Hill <5% 5 -2.0
John Brown <5% 5 -2.0
Colts <5% 5 -2.0
Chris Carson <5% 5 -2.0
Jermaine Kearse <5% 5 -2.0
Geronimo Allison <5% 5 -2.0
David Johnson 11 12 -1.0
Jameis Winston 10 11 -1.0
Jared Goff 10 11 -1.0
Patrick Mahomes 9 10 -1.0
Mike Evans 5 6 -1.0
Saquon Barkley 10 11 -1.0
Emmanuel Sanders 13 14 -1.0
Jimmy Graham 9 9 0.0
Steelers 34 33 1.0
C.J. Uzomah 10 9 1.0
Andy Dalton 9 7 2.0
Anthony Miller 7 5 2.0
Case Keenum 5 <5% 2.0
Ricky Seals-Jones 5 <5% 2.0
Chiefs 8 5 3.0
Phillip Lindsay 33 30 3.0
Kerryon Johnson 14 11 3.0
David Njoku 13 10 3.0
Brandin Cooks 12 9 3.0
Ben Roethlisberger 8 5 3.0
Jared Cook 11 8 3.0
Lions 6 <5% 3.0
Derek Carr 6 <5% 3.0
Eric Ebron 6 <5% 3.0
Sammy Watkins 6 <5% 3.0
Bengals 7 <5% 4.0
Antonio Brown 14 10 4.0
Travis Kelce 14 10 4.0
Kenny Golladay 9 5 4.0
Matthew Stafford 7 <5% 4.0
Michael Crabtree 8 <5% 5.0
Todd Gurley II 28 23 5.0
Demaryius Thomas 9 <5% 6.0
Martavis Bryant 19 13 6.0
49ers 10 <5% 7.0
Odell Beckham Jr. 15 7 8.0
A.J. Green 27 18 9.0
Isaiah Crowell 17 7 10.0
Joe Mixon 21 11 10.0
Jalen Richard 24 9 15.0
Robert Woods 37 22 15.0
Golden Tate 23 6 17.0

Big ouch for the Top 50 and Robert Woods/Golden Tate. However Mixon is still a popular pick and seems to be doing quite well.

Misc Announcements

I’m Going to Listen to More Podcasts

Some readers have shared podcasts where the pro’s or past Milly Maker winners give insight into their process, shoutout to /u/Garrincha67 thanks for always reading and for sharing the podcasts.

I listened to CONDIA’s interview with Adam Levitan and it changed my whole perspective on CONDIA.

I knew CONDIA didn’t read articles but had no idea he did a ton of manual work in addition to using his optimizer.

  • He says he would manually enter all 150 entries and manually create all lineups (49:50 minutes in)
    • I can understand manually creating all lineups but manually entering all 150 is insane!
    • Also, what’s the definition of manually creating a lineup when earlier in the interview he mentions making projections and using an optimizer.
    • He says he worked the hardest and that’s why he won but manually entering 150 lineups is almost surely an insane waste of time
  • Doesn’t explicitly keep track of player exposure
    • But he also never locked a player in all of his lineups and I never saw him use a player more than in ~41% of his lineups.
  • Totally agree with his statement on integrity and never wanting to create a site like Fantasy Labs
    • Why make a site if your tools are so good or your picks that great?
      • Makes it harder to use your own tool and picks to win $$.
    • The only way this would make sense is if you are more of a coder than a DFS player.
    • I would love to start calling out touts as snake oil salesman but am waiting until I have enough infrastructure in place to do a respectable and honest job.
      • Right now Tommyg1979 and chipotleaddict are not looking great but it’s too early to say anything for certain.

I think it’s important to hear what a pro like CONDIA/Charles Chon thinks about what he does. BUT naturally things that come as common sense to him will be glossed over. So for that I look at what they actually enter.

Going forward feel free to hold me accountable to thoughts I have on players when they directly contradict what the player says themselves. I’m going to have to strike a balance between the data and the interviews.

Air Yards?

Josh Hermsmeyer of 538, self-proclaimed air yards guy, noticed the winning lineups have all been high in Air Yards.

Mobile Apps Category (English)468x60

Figured I’d share for all you data junkies.

Feedback Always Welcome

This season I’ve made these articles better thanks to feedback from readers, mostly from Reddit.

  • I’ve added salary and point total information to the “pruned” player total
  • I’ve started listening to podcasts
  • I’ve focused on adding more commentary to the tables
  • I try to write these articles so they are accessible to new readers (who may not know why/how I do certain things)
  • I’ve started a “Pro Profile Series”
    • Even though I’ve only written one article I promise more will come. I just want to get my own rankings setup so we can make some bold claims as well as identify under the radar players.
    • Starting this has helped me create code to analyze player’s season long lineups. The notes on LolololoLola this week wouldn’t be as detailed if not for the suggestion to look more at season long!

Thank you to everyone who reads and for all the feedback over the weeks. I really appreciate it.

Matteo Hoch

Matteo Hoch is the founder of Sports Data Direct and maintains a personal blog called Ergo Sum where he writes about data visualization and coding. You can generally find him in the DraftKings Sunday $3 early only contests under username mhoch2

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