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Every week I’ve been writing recaps on the DraftKings Milly Maker. As time went on I’ve uncovered a few significantly different strategies used by high profile DFS players like CONDIA, Al_Smizzle, and SaahilSud.

In this new series, I will be using season long results to go further into understanding high profile players. We’ll identify different GPP strategies used in the Milly Maker and separate the sharks from the sponsored snake oil salesmen.

The Pro’s

Disclaimer: This series only covers the Milly Maker results. I will do my best to be fair and take other information into account before labeling a tout or pro a snake oil salesmen.

  • Al_Smizzle — Article
  • db730 – Dan Back — Article coming 10/18/2018
  • chess_is_ok
  • ending
  • tommyg1979 — guruelite
  • mallen21
  • Bales
  • CSURAM88
  • Bearsfan247
  • … more TBD (leave a comment if you want me to look at someone)

Old Analysis

I did a similar series last year but wanted to redo the format. Check out the old strategy posts┬áif you’re intereseted



Matteo Hoch

Matteo Hoch is the founder of Sports Data Direct and maintains a personal blog called Ergo Sum where he writes about data visualization and coding. You can generally find him in the DraftKings Sunday $3 early only contests under username mhoch2

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