DraftKings 2018 Millionaire Maker Recaps

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Every week in 2018 we’ll update this post with our newest recaps and the winner’s lineups. Generally the updates happen on Saturdays during the NFL Regular season.

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Week 1

chalk's winning lineup 301.18


Chalk won with the highest score we’ve seen yet, 301.18. He blew past the competition with just 5 lineups entered by using a variety of game stacks and Tampa Bay players. The best lineup possible was 324.48.

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Week 2

JEREMYHEIN's Winning Lineup 237.84

JEREMYHEIN won with 237.84. He stacked all of his QB’s and used risky players in each stack. The best possible lineup was 279.44 and it was 153.98 to cash. Pro’s favored T.J. Yeldon and Tevin Coleman much more than the herd.

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Week 3

TheHodgesFactor's Winning Lineup 251.86

TheHodgesFactor won with 251.86 and focused in on the Saints-Falcon’s game.

  • To Cash: 157.66
  • Best Possible Lineup: 289.36

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Week 4

Nickelback4Lyfe's Winning Lineup 273.56

Nickelback4Lyfe won with 273.56 points and took a big risk with Mitchell Trubisky and Sterling Shepard.

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Week 5

Slaytations' Winning Lineup 234.36

Slaytations won with 234.36 points and used a lot of game stacks.

  • He reads these posts (see his comment below)
  • To Cash: 150.04
  • Best possible lineup was 273.76

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Week 6

Davematt123's Winning Lineup 245.90

  • Davematt123’s wins with 245.90 points.
    • He took a chance on a Brock Osweiler Albert Wilson stack
  • 156.98 to cash
  • Bales uses a very anti-fragile strategy
  • Best possible lineup: 288.8 points
    • Todd Gurley was used in 97.5% of possible lineups that outperformed Davematt123
    • This was in spite of his $10,000 salary on DraftKings

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Week 7

bassinmatt's winning lineup 228.62 points

  • Bassinmatt wins with 228.62 points.
    • He only enters $20/week in the Milly Maker
  • Bales continues riskier playstyle
    • Went heavy on Lions offense and didn’t see Michael Roberts coming
  • Last week’s winner does well again
    • Davematt123 may use a tiered approach to lineup construction
  • 150.90 to cash
  • Best possible lineup: 259.22 points

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Week 8

LolololoLola's Winning Lineup 242.80 Points

  • LolololoLola wins with 242.80 points.
    • He only entered 2 lineups
    • Used Josh Reynolds
  • Last year’s week 1 winner, Bearsfan247, does well again
  • “rcrumpto” used the same lineup 3 times and took 3rd.
  • 154.66 to cash
  • Best possible lineup: 272.92 points

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Week 9

jab76r's Winning Lineup 245.42 Points

  • jab76r wins with 245.42 points
    • 21 lineups with 60 players
    • He likely used a minimum exposure constraint
  • The Dolphins D was better than the Bears
  • Maurice Harris was better than the much talked about Adam Humphries
    • You have to decide whether you can predict breakout games or would rather base your lineups off of past performance (Bales looks like a past performance player).
  • Don’t read into ideal number of entries too quickly
    • Strategy more important
  • 165.68 to cash
  • Best possible lineup: 284.04 points

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Week 10

BearDown247's Winning Lineup 248.20

  • BearDown247 wins with 248.20 points
    • One entry, one big win
    • His chub for Chubb reached a satisfying climax in week 10
    • Beardown247 tries to predict breakout games and has had a good record
  • Players in the winning lineups are repeating
  • Bearsfan247 — a Milly Winner last year — continues to impress
    • He finished in 6th place
    • Started Taylor Gabriel who got 0 points
    • He’s won $11,780 on the year!
  • Papagates wins the Wildcat with a 253 point lineup
    • But didn’t play that lineup in the Milly Maker
  • The Milly Maker was quite inefficient this week. The top possible score was much higher than normal and the cash line was lower.
  • 149.72 to cash
  • Best possible lineup: 295.40 points and a salary of $48,400

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Week 11

BillyVonElds Winning Lineup 253.72 Points

  • BillyVonElds wins with 253.72 points
    • Read his Twitter
    • 20 Lineups Entered
    • Predicted breakout games for certain players
    • Won on a  Drew Brees-Tre’Quan Smith stack but actually played more of Carson Wentz-Nelson Agholor and Cam Newton-D.J. Moore
  • Defense DOES NOT Get Better as the Season Goes On!
    • Some coaches say it and you may think it about the Saints but it’s not true
  • T.Y. Hilton was the best pick at wide receiver
    • All of our better than winner lineups used T.Y. Hilton
  • 149.00 to cash
  • Best possible lineup: 278.72 points and a salary of $49,900

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Week 12

Pajamadaddy17's Winning Lineup 252.82

  • Pajamadaddy17 wins with 252.82 points
    • First time he entered more than one lineup in a Milly Maker
    • Entered 1 lineup in week 1-11 and only single entered in weeks 4 and 6 when the entry was reduced to $10.
    • Without the Milly Maker win he would have lost $160.
  • Christian McCaffrey was a unanimous best player possible
    • All of our better than winner lineups used McCaffrey
    • Juju Smith-Schuster was next up with being used in 99.99% of our better than winner lineups
  • The last recap of the season
    • Next week’s contest has $100 entry and I’d rather keep these to the $20 or $10 entry.
    • In the meantime I’ll be doubling down on DFS content
      • Stay tuned and subscribe to our mailing list
    • Some season long Milly Maker analysis articles coming soon
  • 168.86 to cash
  • Best possible lineup: 270.00 points and a salary of $49,900.
    • Josh Allen FTW

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Week 13

adamlegbert's Winning Lineup 232.24 points

Milly Maker was $100 this week so I didn’t do a recap.

Week 14

crk3250's Winning Lineup 244.30 Points

  • crk3250 wins with 244.30 points
    • He entered 9 lineups and won on a big outlier
      • He likely manually entered his lineups
      • Huge win in OT
    • He hit on 4 of the players in the best possible lineup
      • Dak, Elliott, Cooper, and Gronk
      • Triple stacks make the prediction much easier because your event space is smaller
  • Ending places 8th and won $10,285
    • But he’s still down $19,240 on the season in the Milly Maker.
    • Week 13 he max entered in the $100 entry Milly and lost a whopping $14,850!
  • Mitchell Trubisky is the top DFS QB so far this year
    • 3 appearances in the best possible lineup.
      • This is not adjusted for number of appearances in the main slate
    • Drew Brees and Josh Allen have 2 appearances each
  • Week 6 Milly Maker Winner Davematt123 places 18th
  • 154.98 to cash
  • Best possible lineup 285.5 points

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Week 15

Mbonson's Winning Lineup 206.44 Points

  • Mbonson wins with just 206.44 points
    • He entered 61 lineups
      • Over 75% of those cashed!
      • Top chalk didn’t win him the Milly but he still played Elliott, Barkley, and Fournette
        • Elliott was in 49% of his lineups
        • Exposure limits are a beautiful thing
    • Joe Mixon, Falcon’s D, and Kenny Golladay were his top 3 players at 88%, 51%, and 49% respectively
  • Derrick Henry’s breakout games are most reminiscent of Devonta Freeman
  • Matt Ryan was the top QB
    • Josh Allen was #2
  • 130.30 to cash
    • Very low scoring week
  • Best possible lineup 229.38 points

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Matteo Hoch

Matteo Hoch is the founder of Sports Data Direct and maintains a personal blog called Ergo Sum where he writes about data visualization and coding. You can generally find him in the DraftKings Sunday $3 early only contests under username mhoch2

12 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Is there any way to build teams similar to the pros using a paid optimizer like fantasy labs or dailyroto? For example, 100 teams
    My top 4 dst I want exposure of 20, 15, 10, 10%
    I want no more than 10% exposure to any qb wr stack
    No more than 20% of any two player combo in the same lineup
    I want no more than 20% exposure to any one player
    I want a certain wr-opposing wr stack in 5% of lineups
    Seems hard to set up especially if news breaks late.

    • Matteo Hoch says:

      I don’t think it’s easy to do with those sites. Your best bet is to email one of them to request those features or learn how to code one yourself. Do you have any interest in learning basic coding for DFS or just using paid optimizers?

  2. Slaytations says:

    Matteo, great work pal!!! I studied your 2017 recaps hard and it paid off yesterday. Can’t wait for that week 5 writeup. Thank you!!!

    • Matteo Hoch says:

      Nice win!!
      I can’t believe that two of my readers have won the Milly Maker. And in back to back weeks. I take donations ;)… but anywho thanks for the support and good luck next week. Should be out today or tomorrow

  3. Jason says:

    Great writeups! I’ve interviewed some milly maker winners on my podcast, so check it out for some of their strategies.

    I really like your “best lineup” and I think you should list salaries with the list of players that you could play to make a better lineup. Especially curious how low cost QB’s (like Peterman) can still create winning lineups with suboptimal performances.

    • Matteo Hoch says:

      Thanks! I’ll check it out and good idea on adding salaries to the list of players that you could play to make a better lineup. I’m going to start doing that and add points and salaries.

  4. Justin says:

    Love these write ups! So good!!!

  5. Jeff says:

    Can you update salaries from the 2017 and 18 recaps? Hoping to take down a tourney in 2019 from your research!

  6. William says:

    Thanks for all the recaps. Lots of good information. Do you do any of the showdown recaps?

    • Matteo Hoch says:

      Thanks for reading. No not yet. I have some new content I’m prioritizing first but there’s been a lot of interest in that so I think I’ll take a stab at it this year at some point and see about comparing the two contests using the same slate.

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