DraftKings 2017 Millionaire Maker Recaps

Every week in 2017 we’ll update this post with our newest recaps. Generally the updates happen on Saturdays during the NFL Regular season.

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Week 1

Draft Kings Week 1 Winner

Bearsfan247 got lucking winning with 198.88 while playing the Bears D against the Falcons in 36% of his lineups. The best lineup would have been 229.98 points

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Week 2

Timwoodbury10 entered one lineup and won the big jackpot. Not much we can say about him. On the other hand, CONDIA put forth a very prominent showing with his mathematical approach using 127 players and 150 lineups. Generally CONDIA uses a variety of QB-WR stacks set to around 8% exposure. Tom Brady-Rob Gronkowski paid off huge!

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Week 4

Rkennedy23's Winning Lineup

Rkennedy23 entered 32 lineups and won $1,000,160! His best lineup had the Cam Newton-Devin Funchess QB-WR stack which he only used in 1 of his 32 lineups. Jonathan Bales had a remarkably bad week but we’ll give him some slack given his prior prowess and the fact that he’s probably been busy with his company Fantasy Labs getting acquired. We’re expecting more from him as the season goes on.

In hindsight Tyler Kroft replacing Tyler Eifert against the Browns should have been played way more.

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Week 5

GrindersCal entered 30 lineups and won by picking the 49er’s to break out against the Colts. We’re starting to notice some professional player trends. Namely Saahil Sud wants to win big badly and tried some locks whereas CONDIA is staying true to his normal strategy.

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Week 6

Chrisdmead's Winning Lineup

Chrisdmead wins with 231.48, the best lineup possible was 267.7 points, and Melvin Gordon-Mark-Ingram was the play this week. CONDIA remains true to form. Jonathan Bales missed the mark and SaahilSud is playing aggressive with 3 locks but only 8 lineups.

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Week 7

ROB2622's Winning Lineup

ROB2622 enters his first $1MM and get’s it. CONDIA finished in 5th place and is top pro while Jonathan Bales and Saahil Sud are trending down. Ezekiel Elliott, the Chicago Bears, and O.J. Howard were all the best picks. The herd liked Chris Ivory with Leonard Fournette out and Demaryius Thomas with Emmanuel Sanders out. T.J. Yeldon ended up doing the best due to injuries.

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Week 8

Cubsfan333 Winning Lineup

Cubsfan333 wins with crazy HOU@SEA stacking. As a player he focused on inter-game stacks over QB-WR stacks. The pro’s didn’t care about the rain as much as the herd. Jordan Reed had some heavy usage and the herd loved the Bengals Offense. We’re now tracking ChipotleAddict

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Week 9


jamesgames44's Winning Lineup 214.36

Jamesgames44 won with 214.36 points and it took 149.14 to cash. We’re now tracking Al_Smizzle who leads another pro player strategy, player pool engineering over complicated stacking. The biggest difference between the pro meta and herd this week was between T.Y. Hilton, Adrian Peterson, and Jack Doyle. The pro’s faded these players while the herd loved ’em. The herd won this time.

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Week 10

Sugarland59's Winning Lineup 215.90

Sugarland59 won on a one entry Rams heavy lineup with 215.90 points. The best possible lineup was 257.58 and it took 128.86. CONDIA and SaahilSud didn’t play yet again, and Al_Smizzle engineered his player pool down to a shockingly small 42 players for 150 lineups! The average non pro score was 111 and pro score was 110

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Week 11

RobKaufman's Winning Lineup

RobKaufman won with 221.18. The best possible lineup was 237.08 and Kenny Stills was the only best possible lock. Al_Smizzle has been doing well with his heavily engineered player pool approach. Other pro’s are suffering. 145.36 to cash.

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Week 12

Ending 233.68 Winning Lineup

Ending won with 233.68 while playing a remarkably similar strategy to CONDIA. The best possible lineup was 282.18 and it was 139.8 to cash.

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Week 13

chess_is_ok's Week13 Winning Lineup 241.14

chess_is_ok won with 241.14. The best possible lineup was 265.54 and Tyreke Hill was the only best possible lock. ChipotleAddict had a great bounce back week and Ending made another top 200 showing. 139.8 to cash.

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Week 14

TwoGun's Week 14 Winning Lineup 220.60

Week 14 was a week when the winning lineup benefited from player replaceability. Brett Hundley (A-A-RON out), Giovani Bernard (Joe Mixon out), Trey Burton (Zach Ertz Out). In Week 7, we saw this strategy back fire but it panned out well in Week 14.

  • Winner 220.60 TwoGun used an optimizer plus player exposure strategy
  • 147.66 to cash
  • Best lineup possible 266.98
  • Poor week for us humans. There were at least 197,628 better lineups than the winner!

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Week 15

JWest64's Winning Lineup 243.98

Pro love for Todd Gurley finally paid off in Week 15. Todd Gurley dominated the Seattle Seahawks. In Seattle.

The highest scoring possible lineup was 282.58 and used not one but two Jaguars WR’s!

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